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Date: 05/06/2013

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Ready for Retirement?

When you finally make the choice to retire, it can seem like the end of an era but where you spend your retirement is the next significant decision to make.

1) Seniors are becoming more particular about their retirement living.

ApartmentThe reality of ‘retirement' in modern Australia is changing. Retirees have an endless choice in the types of lifestyles on offer - from apartments to retirement villages and resorts .

Residents want and deserve the freedom to choose a lifestyle that fits their needs and preferences, and people are increasingly more discerning about what's involved.

"The retirement age used to be around 65 but, more and more, people in their fifties are choosing to enjoy their life, their money and their freedom while they still can.

2) How have retirement villages changed retirement?

With an increasingly astute demographic seeking the freedom to choose a lifestyle that fits their needs and preferences, retirement living options have changed noticeably in recent years.

Facilities like indoor heated pools, spas, fully equipped gyms and business centres are now a standard requirement for many retirees, who are seeking retirement communities which enable them to be as active and involved as they choose.
Resort living is becoming an increasingly popular choice with retirees and a retirement resort offers much more than just a comfortable place to live, it offers a whole range of lifestyle opportunities.

3) What are the advantages of retiring in a luxury retirement village?

BowlsMost retirees today are fit, active people who have a genuine zest for life and a demand for fun and enjoyment. They are unwilling to compromise on the quality of their life and choice of retirement accommodation.

Choosing the right retirement accommodation

Evolving lifestyles over the past few decades have - in many ways - made the retirement process less stressful than it once was. Growing old gracefully is no longer fashionable and an enormous range of exciting lifestyle alternatives exist for today's ‘senior'.

Selecting your accommodation is important in this phase of your life and should be treated as seriously as at any other stage of the real estate lifecycle.

What are the elements you should consider when evaluating your potential lifestyle alternatives?
Modern retirement villages are moving to the models of:

  • Independent living arrangements
  • Assisted care living arrangements
  • Care centres
Independent living arrangements

LoungeIndependent living arrangements generally refer to the provision of townhouses or apartments where residents are fully self-contained and reliant in all their requirements.

The advantages of the independent living include:

  • Companionship with other residents
  • A secure complex
  • Numerous recreational facilities
  • Comprehensive back-up care, if required

The townhouses and apartments are generally designed for low maintenance and often come with assistance for gardening and general household chores.

Modern retirement villages often have their own restaurants and are usually located close to large and convenient services and shopping centres.

Assisted-care living provisions

For residents who require some help with daily living, the assisted-care living arrangement is ideal. The independent style of living is maintained but it is complemented with a range of services tailored to the individual's specific needs.
The serviced apartments are often located nearer to the centre of a retirement village complex where residents have access to the services such as restaurants and lounges.

Assisted-care apartments should provide kitchenettes and lounges as well as ensuite bathrooms.

Advantages of assisted-care living arrangements include:

  • Continuing high levels of independence
  • The security associated with living in a recognised establishment
  • High levels of care, as well as access to any potential care you may require
  • Continuing friendship with other residents

Peace of mind for you and your family is of the greatest importance. 24 hour care in quality retirement accommodation is the concept that there is regular and immediate access to services such as medical practitioners, physiotherapists, nursing staff and the like.

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