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Moving Hints

Household Goods

  • Arrange a Removalist Company, Phone around to get a few quotes
  • Clear away the clutter
  • Collect everything not to be moved for a Garage Sale or Charity Donation (keep receipts for tax records)
  • Make an inventory of items to be moved
  • Discuss with your Removalist Company, insurance coverage during shipment, packing and unpacking services, shipment of plants, flammables and spray cans, computer equipment, etc.

Address Change/Phone Number

  • Give forwarding address to the Post Office
  • Notify Employer and/or former Employer(s) to ensure any documents are forwarded to new City address
  • Notify Banks, Retail Credit Cards, Insurance Companies and Magazine Subscriptions
  • Notify Friends and Family


  • Set up checking and savings account in new City
  • Arrange credit references if necessary
  • Arrange to remove contents of Safe Deposit Box and cancel box rental

Automobile & Home Insurance

  • Contact Insurance Company for Home and Automobile insurance in new location
  • Notify your present insurance company of last day of coverage on your present home and make sure you receive credit for pre-paid homeowner insurance coverage


  • Contact new school to determine what information the school requires to enroll your child, ie, transcripts, immunization records, etc.
  • Notify children's school of pending move
  • Request transcripts and all school records be sent to new school
  • Obtain letters from teachers outlining strengths and areas of improvement for your children.


  • Ensure you have all family members birth certificates, baptism records, passports, etc.

Utility Companies

  • STOP service in old Location... START service in new Location
  • Obtain refunds on any deposits
  • Return Foxtel / Austar boxes, if necessary

Medical, Dental, Eye Doctor, Prescriptions

  • Ask your Doctor and Dentist for referral in the new Location
  • Obtain copies of all medical, immunization records and dental records
  • Transfer needed prescriptions, eyeglasses, x-rays, etc.
  • Make sure you have the maximum supply of necessary prescriptions prior to your move to allow for timing on prescription transfer and initial meeting with new Doctor


  • Ask about registrations and licenses in new City
  • Obtain your pets medical records and ask for referral to Vet in new City
  • If you are transporting the pet(s) via air, train or bus, make sure license and vaccinations are current
  • Ask about kennel facilities in the new City or make sure temporary housing allows for pets

Church, Clubs & Organizations

  • Get letters of introduction from current contacts
  • Transfer memberships if applicable

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